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What do I have to lose?

Posted on Sep 25, 2017 by in The Scrawl |

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My writing presents me a consistent conundrum.

On here, I blog lots about Jesus. And I am definitely not stopping that anytime soon. If last week is any indicator, it might become the sole topic around these here parts. But I do occasionally write about writing. I still consider myself a writer, of some variety. Am I eminently published? Nope. Do I have leagues of adoring fans? Nope. Am I going to jump on every conceivable self-pub bandwagon and try to force my work down people’s throats? Maybe.


Something that has occurred to me, of late, is changing the way I engage with people who like my writing and possibly creating a different format for it. There are several things that disable me from doing this all the ways I want to do it. I have contemplated turning one of my books into a podcast. I am mostly okay with this idea and have prepared what’s necessary to make it happen. My only issue there is “quiet time.” And no, I don’t mean a figurative free time, but a literal amount of time where it’s quiet enough to record in my home. I have so many children.

I have also contemplated beginning a Patreon page. This one is needling the back of my mind. I could easily release a serial version of any one of my novels over the course of a year. Instead of just throwing a version up on Amazon, and then grinding the people I know to all buy one, (this would be exhausting for me, them, and might lose some people I really love) I could instead create a subscription model where each week you got a new chapter of a novel over the course of a year.

Alongside that general piece of content, I am also thinking I would provide a bonus short story every month for another tier of subscription. Above that? Possibly a monthly video chat with folks to talk about the stuff they have read over the month. Or maybe even some coaching on how to write gooder words.


Sidebar: two folks hit my logs in the last few days and one of you went back and read like 27 different old posts. Whoever you are, from Quebec, bienvenue.

Another little issue with this idea is that what I write can be downright offensive. No, really. Way more than what I write on here. And to be honest I tend to wonder if people will even make eye contact with me after reading what I write. I really don’t know what to do with that. Which is why I am about to ask you.

Now is the part of this post where I actually want to hear back from you. Either in comments here, on Facebook, or on Twitter – I want to know what you think. Would you pay five bucks a month for stories delivered right to your email, the possibility of exclusive content, maybe a neat t-shirt I designed?! (I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.)

Let me know.