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I Need a Montage

Posted on Sep 26, 2016 by in The Scrawl |

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Some days are harder than others and I really could use some building, punchy, eighties music wherein I tie on a bandana and like, dance my problems away. Or something. Maybe I just go off into the woods and run or something. And then, when the music fades, I have a new lease on life and my problems. Maybe that’s what I need. Just a good old fashioned montage.

I have a friend asking me to go back to social media. And given how hard things have been of late, I feel its draw. I feel this urge to get on there and complain. I feel this want, stirring in my gut, to have commiseration. And I see it as coming from a deep place of loneliness, of longing for people to help hold me up. To tell me it’s okay.

And because I feel that, I feel the warning in it too. I feel the sense that whatever earthly balm I would slather on these places would just cover the reality of it, and not heal it. So what’s the truth? What’s the reality? The reality is that it’s a lonely road right now. That the place we find ourselves isn’t where we want to be in pretty much every way.

But in the valley of the shadow of death, loneliness is the lie the shadow tells. The truth is far different. And remembering the truth over the lies is the best and hardest thing we must do as we walk.