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Posted on Aug 24, 2015 by in The Scrawl |

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Yes, strategery. I’ve been contemplating ways to try and kickstart my writing while at the same time being totally honest with the process I have been in thus far.

So let’s talk about honesty first, strategery second.

What does total honesty with my writing career look like? It looks like me probably never rising above a middling of moderate, genre success. This means my writing will most likely never support me enough to cause me to quit any job I hold, let alone build my own money bin. It means that even if I am agented, published, and moderately successful, the world at large would still likely have no idea who I am or what I do with my writing.

Being honest means that I recognize riches and fame are hollow aspirations even if I am as successful as I hope to be. Those two false gods also have a specific and disgusting side effect of sapping the joy away from my writing. I have to be honest about that too. I have to be blunt with myself that trying to claw my way into a place of riches and fame has only brought me pain. It removes those wonderful moments of joy and elation I have experienced where I create solely because of the wonder that I feel. And it replaces those moments with a creeping agony of “never good enough.”

Honesty tells me that I can find alternate avenues for this whole thing and that those avenues might bring back some of the joy I have experienced. So instead of being bound up in “all or nothing,” maybe I can do a little of everything. Maybe I can do the things I am tempted to do, the things that sound fun, and still keep along the path I am currently on.

So that leads us to strategery. (I am saying that as much as I possibly can.) I have a plan in place, now, that will work on several levels over several months. And the first thing that’s going to be of the greatest benefit to you, my loyal readers, is a giveaway, of sorts.

It’s my intention by the end of September to provide one of my novels for “free” here on this website.

I will provide it in numerous formats with instructions on how to read it from your Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iPhone/Android, or computer. I intend to open this book up for donations. You will be able┬áto read the book 100% for free if you like or you can choose to donate what you feel the book is worth. I will not be providing it through Amazon KDP or Smashwords or iBooks or any other distribution platform. Why? Because I want this to be between you and me. I don’t want this to be a self-publication that injects me into Amazon’s ecosystem. I don’t want to create some complicated rights agreement. I want to give this book to you for the joy of it and for you to pay whatever you felt it was worth to you. And if that’s nothing, so be it.

If it gets pirated? Okay. I am not worried about that. I can’t lose money on something I can’t sell. And this book, for a number of reasons, is likely never going to sell in a traditional sense. So maybe this experiment will fail miserably and people will… I don’t know, maybe they’ll hate what they got for free? This is the internet we’re talking about here. But that’s okay too. I just want to interact with all of you. I want to connect. And I want to take you somewhere with my writing.

So watch this space, ladies and gentlemen. Because that new free book is just the first big thing coming.

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