The Easy Evil of the Tribe

By on Jul 7, 2017 in The Scrawl |

It’s Friday and it’s time to rustle some feathers. I’m re-reading Crazy Love right now, so I am feeling really uncomfortable and want to share that with you. Something I observe and tweet about, on the regular, is the danger of tribalism. Tribalism is the natural go-to for humanity. We want tribes. We crave them. We want to belong. If anything, it’s one of the few things, as a high-level concept, we all agree on. We do. We don’t agree on the value of cats as a species, but we totally want to be either a cat person or a person who hates cats. So why is that? It’s far more comfortable to be within a tribe than outside of one. And here’s the interesting thing to me: we create ever smaller tribes when we no longer feel like we’re an important enough piece within our own tribe. So subtribes of subtribes of subtribes form. Instead of being a...

The Full Imagination

By on Jul 5, 2017 in The Scrawl |

I have a dangerous, wonderful, crazy, useful, lovely, sinful, redeemed imagination. Yeah, go ahead and parse that if you like, but those are just a handful of the words I use to describe my imagination. Coming through a life of utter and total depravity, coming through a life where everything was slanted, off-kilter, broken, and difficult, my mind developed in a rather unique way. I was in trouble for a very long time as a child. That sentence might not make sense at first, but it’s pretty much just as I have written it. There was a two year period where I was confined to my room, or doing chores, more often than I wasn’t. (That makes me sound like a prisoner but really I was just grounded more than anything.) I spent that time, or a majority of it, reading. I learned to grow my imagination and let it take me out of my confinement. So that all said, I believe that...