The Prophetic Community

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Common. Unity Community is such a funny word. Not in its actual composition. It’s about as funny, in that way, as ledger or aspirin. It’s funny because it gets a heaping helping of baggage almost anytime it’s uttered. “I belong to a community of like-minded individuals whose sole purpose is…” And whatever you fill into that ellipses gets dicey, quick. Some of you even started cringing a little with the lead-up. Community. A group of folks gathered around an idea or a connection of one kind or another. Community is an idea, though, that we didn’t invent. Like love, actually. Like marriage. We didn’t invent marriage or love or community. We didn’t invent them so we have to figure out where they came from and be informed, rather than grabbing a quiver full of ideas ready to lay waste to the world. God created community. He defined it....

The Painful Truth About Tolerance

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Here we go. Another potentially incendiary post about modern culture through a biblical lens. I use the word tolerance and immediately you have culturally-conditioned reactions. You do. No, all of you. Even you who think you have the right view of it. You especially have been trained to define tolerance according to your tribe. Which is pretty intolerant, really. So let’s begin with a couple of definitions just to help you understand and parse the point I am trying to get across. How can two people walk together unless they are both headed the same way, no? Tolerance = the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with. And immediately, some of you are pursing your lips. Stop that. It’s only going to give you wrinkles. (And if you’re offended by wrinkles, get over it, we all...