Why Witchcraft Makes Sense

By on Mar 9, 2017 in The Scrawl |

I can never be accused of writing boring headlines, can I? Okay, so strap in because this requires some thinking that won’t be sewn up for at least five hundred words. I’m “friends” with people on social media who are not Christians. I’m friends with people in real life who aren’t Christians. I go to church with some too, I’m sure. But through my social media experience I have observed something interesting and, finally, logical. But it doesn’t seem logical at first. The phenomena I speak of is former “Christians” now engaged in full-blown witchcraft. Not, not like 80’s witchcraft where you listened to Ozzy and cried about how hard your teenaged life was while you burned a black candle. No, I mean an actual appeal to a spirit or spirits in pursuit of power for one purpose or another. This isn’t the first time I...

The Big Lie

By on Mar 7, 2017 in The Scrawl |

Western Hemisphere, American, Southern, Cultural Christianity is no Christianity at all. And here’s one of the big reasons why. WHASCC is the spoof, the mockery that all Christianity bears as a burden. It’s both Westboro and $130M church buildings. And the real church suffers for it. But let me tell you where WHASCC wants to get into my heart. And how. And why I sometimes let it when I’m not being vigilant. Universal Healthcare and Immigration are the two big ones that spring to mind, but there are others. Universal healthcare is bad, right? I mean, it means I get less money, right? That I am paying for someone else to have something they haven’t worked for, right? I mean, why should I ever pay for someone to have something and have no benefit from it. This is Jesus up and down, right? The government says it is illegal for a hospital to deny me treatment for any...