Monster of the Week

By on Oct 14, 2016 in The Scrawl |

I have been contemplating something recently and wanted to put it down here. There used to be a very simple formula for making television work. And regardless of the subject of the series, it almost always boiled down to the Monster of the Week formula. In other words, the heroes of the show battled a new, fairly generic, monster. Whether this was a literal monster, ala Star Trek, or a figurative monster, ala Murder She Wrote, the idea had about a dozen different iterations and was as predictable as could be. This was different from the sitcom method in that sitcoms held that a monster was the situation the whacky protags found themselves in week to week and it was never¬†too¬†serious. What really made me wonder about this structure, though, was the show Supernatural. It fits in the style I tend to write in(urban fantasy) and my sister is a fan. So I thought, “Why not?” But...