Parks and Rec and Jesus

By on May 25, 2016 in The Scrawl |

One of my all-time favorite shows is Parks and Recreation. I recommend it to people but I often recommend they begin it at the end of the second season. When they really dialed in the format, the jokes, the story… everything just fit. It has so much joy. It has so much targeted humor about politics and life and geeks and culture and… it’s just a great show. Is it for kids? Nope. Does it deal with things that I disagree with? In many senses, yes. But it’s also, at times, breathtaking in its honesty. Yes. And for that? I love it. Shows these days are often so driven by advertising, by a cultural or political agenda, by a need to exist, that they lose any sense of story, of truth. Parks and Rec was never that way. It had a sense of knowing what it was, who it was, and why it was, that had nothing to do with the worst things about our culture. It believed in its...

The Cost of Free

By on May 3, 2016 in The Scrawl |

A while ago, when I was still trying my hand at building an audience and establishing myself across all the lines of social media and, in general, being an unsufferable twit with regards to trying my hand at success, I gave away one of my books. I told people on Twitter, on Facebook, on Imgur, on Reddit, on… well, pretty much everywhere I could think of. And about 200 folks downloaded said book in various formats. 200┬ápeople. Now, that’s a nice number. I like the idea that 200 strangers read a work I’m still pretty proud of. The story of teenagers fighting the four horsemen of the apocalypse was and is a really nice story, in my opinion. And now I can say that that book, freely given, did absolutely nothing towards my overall goals. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. My reasoning for giving it away was layered. I knew I could never sell it traditionally. At 140K words, it was just...