My Choice is Not Your Choice

By on Apr 26, 2016 in The Scrawl |

So I wrote about giving up on my toxic dream recently. My dream, subtly put, was to be a successfully published writer. That was my toxic dream. People actually unfollowed me on Twitter directly following that post. And I realized that there was some serious pushback on it because of what I consider to be a cultural malady that we are currently in the midst of. Let me state it as such: All of my choices are good and right because¬†I made them.¬† I would call this malady a side effect of the idol of free will. This post isn’t about whether humans possess true free will or not. That’s a much longer discussion and, in case you were wondering, I believe human beings do have a form of free will. However, I believe America holds an unrealistic view of free will and self-determination that is, in a word, idolatrous. Let me expand on that for a second. When I was pastoring, I...

How to Fail Well

By on Apr 24, 2016 in The Scrawl |

During an interesting recent discussion, I had a wonderful dialogue with a friend over the following statement: Success is our duty. I immediately took issue with the idea. Why? Because I am a consistent failure. No, that’s not begging for disagreement, that’s just empirical fact. I fail all the time. And I do so with gusto, at times. The idea that there is a demand upon me to succeed puts a bad taste in my mouth. But I realize this is a deep issue for me. This is a place of hurt and wonder and beauty and horror. My life has been struggle and striving for success with a glimmer, a moment or two of brightness in an otherwise dark sky of failure. So what did I say to my friend? Success should be our desire. And that may sound like semantics, but I assure you, it’s the world of difference for me. Going on eighteen months, I have been renewing my push to become a...