Drinking From a Firehose

By on Sep 11, 2015 in The Scrawl |

So yesterday I reluctantly participated in a Twitter pitch contest called #PitMad. Relunctantly not because of anything to do with the contest, actually, just because it’s been a long few weeks and participating in those can be a little exhausting. The exhaustion comes, primarily, from trying to peruse the hashtag, retweeting what strikes you as interesting, and then waiting to see if you get any bites from it. That, along with two tweets I saw from agents, makes me give the whole thing a little different look. The two agents, who shall remain nameless, said essentially the same thing, “I probably won’t have time to sort through #PitMad today, but query me if you think we should work together.” Hmm… If I don’t have time to go filtering the tweets and managed, more than anything else, to simply retweet what my closer Twitter contacts retweeted, then...


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For those keeping score at home, I will be giving away a free book soon. But there’s something I think I need to do, first. I need to answer Questions You Might Ask or Frequently Asked Questions because… Thank God It’s Wednesday? Sure, we’ll go with that. So let’s get to the possible questions. What’s the book about? Friendship, love, high school, graduation, growing up, dealing with death, betrayal, trying to understand both who you really are and who you will one day be. That is literally the worst answer in the history of answers. Can you be more specific? Yes. The book surrounds four friends, Harold, Mike, Delia, and Lee. Lee goes missing and betrays his friends. His actions have massively unintended consequences both for himself and his friends. The search for Lee lands the remaining three in a race for their lives against supernatural forces...