First Posts Suck

By on Oct 30, 2014 in The Scrawl |

You have to try and put something up to fill space, to make time, to just be busy. But I have committed to reforming this space into a more personal blog than the spiritual work I do over on I also needed a place to talk about my books, my short stories, maybe even share a poem or two. I don’t really have it all planned out yet. I tend to hate the self-aggrandizing, self-worshiping, self-promoting nature of authors in and around the interwebs these days and I don’t intend to make this like that. I will have to notify you, explain to you and help you understand how to read my work if you so choose. Some of you might disagree with some of my work from a spiritual perspective. That’s okay. Some of you might disagree with it given that I am also a pastor. That’s okay. Some of you might have trouble with my work because you’re my friend and you...