The Audience is Listening

By on Jun 3, 2015 in News |

So I wanted to give away something on here for writers and readers alike, but I also wanted something that was basically free for me since I am also ridiculously broke. So in the words of Gru, “Lightbulb.” Here’s what I am offering: I will read your short story into my magical microphone with my melodious voice for the purpose of fun and, very likely, no profit. I will not read any erotica so if you enter hoping for that, too dang bad. I will just read some public domain stuff instead and everybody loses. I will give your piece some royalty free bumper music as I have on my other pieces. Something appropriate to the piece overall. Your story must be less than 5,000 words. I cannot read your whole novel and edit it. Who has that kind of time? By entering you agree to my terms and conditions. Here they are for your reading pleasure: There is no cash prize or equivalent....